The opening of the bigloo closed in the morning. After the sunrise visit from Abby and Sean where bell left. It was so comfortable. Admittedly it was a warm night. Which turned into a warm day. One with rain. We did not want to get all wet and the snow was melting. We spent the day doing other things. Then went to Susan, Brad and Iris's house. There we kept the baby from crying. Arms up and whooshing heart sounds. Sean asked us all if we wanted to build. Finally he went out and worked late into the night. He built a dog sized bigloo.
The Bigloo number 19 or 20 depending on which ones you count. There was a small one made just before this one but it fell apart when Sean tried to flip it to  make an egg shape. The shards of which you can see on the edges of the image. It was placed in his front yard. He has had enough snow to just take the snow from around the structure. There has been a huge amount of snow this December. Almost a record. If we get more snow this week it will be a record.
    We went for a walk with the dogs Abby and bell. We went to the airport 28th st dog park. The sun was setting when we got there.
    Sean said something in his back yard that made me recall. We were joking about teaching Abby to smoke. He said something like "you just have to inhale!" It made me remember that he had taught me how to smoke. How to inhale. I think we were walking near the California building. It has been over ten years since I have quit smoking. I smoked for around ten years. I am much better for not smoking.