Of all the things that she had in her possession this has made it to her guest bathroom in her Wellington apartment. I wonder what is the story. I am open to the idea that there is no story. Just a whim. Something she likes.To me there should be significance to things like this. Things placed at the end of life should have meaning. Or that is my perspective from this end of things. In a way I want this thing to to have meaning. I want it to have a story. One that when told informs me of some important thing. Some event or person who has stuck with her through the years.




The dogs set out playing and wrestling. It has been amazing finding out about this dig park. It is a great place to take bell. There are usually so many dogs there. It is a little far from the house but worth the drive. And the way that Abby and bell play is very nice. This time they met a dog named Eugene. He got ganged up on a couple of time and we had to get them to stop when they did. bell really liked him, more than I have seen her like another dog in the past. Abby aside.

The Bigloo number 19 or 20 depending on which ones you count. There was a small one made just before this one but it fell apart when Sean tried to flip it to  make an egg shape. The shards of which you can see on the edges of the image. It was placed in his front yard. He has had enough snow to just take the snow from around the structure. There has been a huge amount of snow this December. Almost a record. If we get more snow this week it will be a record.
    We went for a walk with the dogs Abby and bell. We went to the airport 28th st dog park. The sun was setting when we got there.
    Sean said something in his back yard that made me recall. We were joking about teaching Abby to smoke. He said something like "you just have to inhale!" It made me remember that he had taught me how to smoke. How to inhale. I think we were walking near the California building. It has been over ten years since I have quit smoking. I smoked for around ten years. I am much better for not smoking.

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