The opening of the bigloo closed in the morning. After the sunrise visit from Abby and Sean where bell left. It was so comfortable. Admittedly it was a warm night. Which turned into a warm day. One with rain. We did not want to get all wet and the snow was melting. We spent the day doing other things. Then went to Susan, Brad and Iris's house. There we kept the baby from crying. Arms up and whooshing heart sounds. Sean asked us all if we wanted to build. Finally he went out and worked late into the night. He built a dog sized bigloo.
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taken in a truck stop some where between here and the place I call home. Thought it would be weird to take pictures of things like this in places like this. Now I am trying to make it some kind of message. Something important. Right now I have a rythem. I watch the meet of the show then fast forward through the commercials. Back and forth till I get it to the right place to see the next section. "That's some bad hat, Harry!" I am in control by doing nothing. If I do nothing then nothing I am doing will be responsible for what is going wrong. fast forward...... rewind... play. I should shave.